Thaba Gosal

Thaba Gosal


The business was created by Thaba Gosal, current owner and the brand's designer. Thaba has always been passionate for art, nature, music, design and fashion. Driven by this passion, he had the idea of creating Bearded Dragon, and he went on with it. This company would be his opportunity to combine something he adores, to use his creativity, with something he could profit from.

His first and main goal was to create a brand that was unique and fashioned, but that also had a fair pricing, unlike most clothing brands nowadays. This became his philosophy, and he follows it to this day, making awesome high quality clothing for an affordable price.

Now, as the company grows, he has a new goal: spreading his brand around the world. The company now has extended its shipping to outside of UK, now making it possible that people from all around the globe have the unique style of Bearded Dragon.​

Bearded Dragon's company's base is on the West side of London, but the shipping includes Europe, USA and Mexico.​